The Benefits of Incorporating “Meatless Monday” into Your Routine
meatless monday

If you consider yourself a carnivore, yet you’ve heard the many benefits of transitioning to a plant-based diet (hint: they’re everywhere), you might be curious how to best make the switch. We have a suggestion for you that’s a natural fit and will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of options while not giving up animal products entirely: meatless Monday.

More than just cute alliteration, meatless Monday is a movement that can deliver huge benefits to the world as a whole. Plus, it’s good for your health as well.

History of Meatless Monday

meatless Monday outlineDuring World War I, Herbert Hoover, in his role as head of the US Food and Drug Administration, was charged with helping reduce intake of limited foods, including meat, pork, fat, sugar, and wheat. These were the foods that were in short supply during the war and needed to go further. To avoid rationing, the FDA launched a campaign to highlight specific items to eliminate throughout the week.

Individuals and restaurants got on board with the initiative, leading to a 15% reduction in consumption of these valuable commodities during a 12-month period that spanned 1918 and 1919. Education about the reductions was incorporated into the initiative, with home economists engaged to publish cookbooks and share how foods could be substituted for limited ingredients without compromising flavor or nutrition.

After the war ended, supplies were no longer limited, and meals of meat and potatoes with bread returned in full force. This was a staple dinner across America until the 1980s (and in some houses even today).

Then, in 2003, Sid Lerner, founder of The Monday Campaigns, launched an initiative similar to Hoover’s original idea, labeling it meatless Monday. With a different focus than the first meatless program, Lerner was driven by the health benefits of reducing meat intake. Why Monday? Not only does meatless Monday sound cool, but Monday is a day when people are more willing to take on change. Those who embrace meatless Monday are encouraged to go without meat for the entire day. Making a small change often leads to bigger changes, such as incorporating more plant-based meals into other days of the week.

Benefits of Meatless Monday for the Planet

If every American gave up meat on Mondays, 1.4 billion animals would be spared in a year’s time. But it’s not just animals that would benefit from going meatless. Farming animals for food results in greenhouse gas emissions, and forgoing meat one day a week would result in a .3% decrease. It may not sound like much, but it’s a good start.

Then there’s the water used for the grain that farm animals eat as well as the water they need to drink. By giving up just one meat-based meal, you’ll save 133 gallons of water. And each meatless Monday results in an eight-pound reduction in your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Skipping Meat for Yourself

We’ve shared several benefits of a plant-forward lifestyle on The Vegan Taste’s blog previously, including:

Dr. Emeran Mayer’s 2022 book, The Gut-Immune Connection (an excellent read), highlights how a plant-based diet can help minimize the effects of chronic disease by focusing on gut microbiomes. And there are many studies about the health benefits of switching to veganism. Starting with meatless Monday is a smart way to get on board.

The Vegan Taste Supports Your Plant-Forward Lifestyle

Whether you’re already vegan or ready to start your journey toward improving your health and benefiting the world, The Vegan Taste is here to support you. With ready-to-eat vegan meals delivered right to your door, all you’ll do is heat and enjoy. Try it for one day a week or all seven days, and you can even get your family in on it with you!

Check out what Chef Jason is making today and put in your order.

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