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Full Order (12 Vegan Meals)

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This is a double serving (two of each) of the six meals that the chef has chosen for a balanced plant-based meal plan. This full order is perfect for two people to enjoy weekly lunches or dinners of the same meals together.

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We strive to provide a great food experience with both classic American comfort food and helping you explore the international flair of new meals you might not have tasted before. Check the weekly menu to see upcoming meals, what we delivered this week, and in the recent past. We use organic, GMO-free, and ethically sourced whenever possible. We use whole foods and a variety of spices to create high-end recipes designed to enhance your food experience. You will be amazed that these meals are 100% plant-based.

Local deliveries are made each Monday between 8 AM -4 PM in chilled coolers. The cooler can be left at your doorstep and will be picked up the following Monday. The purchase price includes delivery and the pickup of the cooler provided to keep your meals cool.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the No Meat Alternatives (NMA) option mean?

The No Meat Alternatives (NMA) option will replace vegan meat substitutes like Beyond burger patties, chik’n, or other faux meat products with whole food items. We believe all vegan options are healthy, worthwhile, and better for the environment and the animals. Our meals will still have the same recipes except for those specific ingredients. This option will now be available to honor our vegan vision while also being inclusive to those looking to refine their diet further as they continue their plant-based journey.

Do I need to set up an account before ordering?

No, in fact you have to make your first order to create an account if you choose. In our system you will be assigned an account manager to help with any account needs.

Can I select meals?

Unfortunately, we do not have that option. 

The Chef carefully curates the menu weekly with input to balance health and taste experiences. Each week, it is changing with information and data from a Harvard-trained nutritionist with new items for these purposes. Currently, the company is not large enough to have a pick-and-choose menu to achieve this.

Can I replace ingredients?

We are not able to remove specific ingredients. Please call us with any questions about allergies or preferences.

What is the minimum number of orders on a subscription?

No minimum number of orders on any subscription. Work with your account manager to schedule pauses or weekly preferences.