VT Big Hack Burger

Grilled Beyond Beef or (Black Bean Patty for the No Meat Alternative or “NMA” option), Iceberg Lettuce, Secret Sauce, Pickles Onions, plant-based American Cheese

Our take on a Vegan Big Mac! Short history: The Beyond Meat burger was created in LA in 2009, and became available all over the US in 2012. The four main reasons for creating this veggie burger, as stated on their website, are; to address global resource constraints, improve animal welfare, improve human health, and positively impact climate change. When you choose the Beyond Meat burger instead of a beef burger, you get an equal or greater protein content, less saturated fat, and no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones.

Customer Comments:

“Totally amazing. I could eat one twice a week” – Dr. Pamela Fr. from Scottsdale

“Best Beyond burger I’ve ever had!” – Renee Ba. from Chandler


Calories 578 (526 NMA)

Fat 30g (14g NMA)

Carbs 51g (65g NMA)

Protein 26g (35g NMA)

Fiber 5 g (15g NMA)

Sodium 750mg (550mg NMA)

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