Unreal Turk’y Sandwich

Unreal Deli Turk’y, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and a sundried tomato almond spread served on fresh-baked ciabatta.

Short History: Which came first—the Pilgrim or the turkey? Wild turkeys were probably first domesticated by native Mexicans. Spaniards brought tame Mexican turkeys to Europe in 1519, and they reached England by 1524. The Pilgrims actually brought several turkeys to America on the voyage in 1620. This week at the Vegan Taste we get to enjoy that flavor while also making a more compassionate food choice. It will also provide you with protein, vitamin C & E, antioxidants, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Eat at room temperature. Toast the bread if you desire.

Customer Comments:

“This was one of my favourites from TVT ever. I loved the spicy sandwich and the potato salad was terrific.” – Tamara An. from Phoenix

“This was killer. I don’t even know how it’s so good. And the bread (as always) was off the chain!” – Mara Fu. from  Tempe

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