Thanksgiving Turk’y Meal

A turk’y loaf, crispy sage mashed potatoes, & stuffing (stuffed squash for our gluten-free customers)

Sarah Josepha Hale is often credited with both a role in having Turkey be the main meal in a Thanksgiving feast, and also getting Thanksgiving to be a holiday in the first place! In her novel Northwood (1827), she describes a roasted turkey “placed at the head of the table.” At about the same time, she also began campaigning to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the United States, which she believed would help unify the country as it teetered toward civil war. Her efforts finally paid off in 1863 with a presidential proclamation by Abraham Lincoln.

Customer Comments:

“Thanksgiving Turk’y meal was great! Loved the stuffing and the crispy sage mashed potatoes!” – Terri Cu. from Phoenix

“Awesome! The turk’y had the texture and appearance of turkey (and real turkey rarely tastes like anything to me—it’s just a texture to put gravy and cranberries on.) The potatoes and the stuffing were amazing! Great meal, Chef!” – Katrin Ne. from Scottsdale




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