Tinga Jackfruit Torta

A tinga jackfruit, wild mushroom, and black bean torta with aioli and salsa roja

Short History: Some historians claim that the torta was created in Puebla, in south-central Mexico, before the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848. Under those circumstances, people sometimes lived hand-to-mouth and the torta reflects that kind of culture: it’s filling, cheap to make, and easy to carry around. This meal from TVT will provide you with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Toast the bread if you like. Spread the black bean puree on the bottom. Warm the jackfruit tinga & mushroom filling in a pan over medium, then add to the sandwich. Top with the salsa roja.

Customer Comments:

“The black bean spread was delicious and the CT cheese was perfect, as always. Thank you for your creativity week after week!” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix

“!Ole! This Mexican sandwich is complimented with the slaw and the chayote salad.” – Mary Lee Ma. from Glendale




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