The Vegan Taste & Hello Fresh, Which Service Is Right for you?

With today’s busy lifestyles, it can be challenging to choose what to eat each night, let alone buying the ingredients and cooking meals. Because of that, many individuals and families have chosen a delivery service for their meals. But which is right for you? Today, we’ll compare Hello Fresh and Vegan Taste.

Get to Know Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh touts itself as “America’s most popular meal kit.” Each box includes recipes, along with the ingredients needed to make those recipes. Hello Fresh offers three vegetarian recipes in their weekly classic plan, all of which can be made vegan by not using the dairy options included.

Although the website says that delivery service starts at $7.49 per meal, most of the vegetarian options are priced higher than that. If you choose the veggie option, pricing ranges from $8.49 to $11.99 per meal, and shipping adds $7.99. You can opt for 2–5 recipes a week to serve two people or 2–4 recipes a week to serve four people.

What can you eat at Hello Fresh? Their veggie menu items include curry-spiced chickpea bowls, Italian garden veggie soup, katsu-style zucchini, magnifico mozz melts, and roasted veggie farro bowls.

The plans appear to offer some flexibility, including the ability to skip weeks or cancel at any time without penalty. And they ship nationwide.

Get to Know Vegan Taste

Vegan Taste offers fully cooked vegan meals. They are delivered on Mondays in chilled coolers, and the empty coolers are replaced the following Monday. Much like Hello Fresh, you receive one shipment weekly, but with Vegan Taste, the meals just need to be heated and served instead of prepared.

There are two options for weekly meal plans: half plan, or six meals, or the full plan, which includes 12 meals. The half order is $75 per week ($12.50 per meal), and the full order is $125 per week ($10.41 per meal). Shipping is included.

The menu is set each week and includes dishes such as green chili burger, cauliflower tacos as pastor, smoked tofu in peanut tequila mole, and vindaloo curry. All options are vegan and fully cooked. There is also the ability to customize meals based on individual needs, such as gluten free or extra spicy.

You can choose to sign up weekly as you want meals or opt for automatic delivery. The service area for Vegan Taste encompasses the entire Phoenix metro area.

Which Delivery Service Is Right for You?

Choosing the right delivery service depends on a few factors, namely:

  • Are you already vegan or striving to live a plant-forward lifestyle?
  • Do you want to try new recipes and cook your meals yourself or would you rather have your meals premade?
  • How much do you want to spend on a delivery service?

With Hello Fresh, or most online delivery services, you’ll find vegetarian options and sometimes vegan options. At Vegan Taste, we only do vegan meals.

Vegan Taste is run by a world-class chef who prepares each meal. You get food that is fresh and cooked, so it’s like you’re eating at your own little restaurant. There’s no chopping, preparing, cooking, or waiting.

Your budget for a delivery service is a personal choice but do take into account if you’re cooking or the meals are already cooked for you. Also, if you want to support a local company, Vegan Taste may be the best option.

Learn more about the options available for you at Vegan Taste.

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