The Vegan Taste & Blue Apron, Which Service Is Right for you?

Considering signing up for a meal-delivery program? As the options increase, you have several from which to choose. Knowing which is best for you, your lifestyle, and the planet is hard. Let’s compare The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron on several points: diet, convenience, sustainability, and cost.


If you’re considering The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron, you’re probably already following a plant-based diet or want to incorporate more vegan meals into your routine. As the name implies, The Vegan Taste uses only 100% plant-based ingredients. Can Blue Apron say the same?

In short, yes. Blue Apron does have an option to choose plant-based meals under their veggie category. And both sites allow subscribers some choice in which meals they prefer. Vegan Taste goes a step further, letting you choose other specifics, such as using no meat alternatives, no added oil, and gluten-free meals.


Life is busy. It can be challenging to even think about what you’re going to have for dinner for the week, much less find the right recipe, purchase the ingredients, and make dinner for your family. And if you’re also planning lunch, how do you do something that’s healthy, skipping the convenience of fast foods?

No matter what meal you’re using your meal-delivery system for, there certainly is a difference between The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron.

Blue Apron sends you recipe cards and ingredients. Sometimes, you need to stop by the store to buy supplementary ingredients to complete the recipes. That means you still need time and basic cooking skills to get dinner ready.

The Vegan Taste handles all of the meal preparation for you. There’s no measuring, cutting, planning, or preparing; all you do is heat and eat. Talk about convenience! Meals go from fridge to table in mere minutes and are easy to take to work for lunch too.


If you’re living a plant-based lifestyle, you are probably a bit “green” in everything you do. You’re the person who is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling; you always have a cloth bag in your car for a quick grocery stop. For those of us who care about sustainability, you may wonder how sustainable the packaging is for Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron.

At Blue Apron, you’ll receive a big box shipped to your front door. Inside that box will be printed recipes, a mini cooler to keep ingredients fresh, multiple bags and boxes to separate ingredients, and small plastic containers with the oils and sauces you need to make the recipes.

Meanwhile, at The Vegan Taste, meals are packaged one per tray with no extra packaging other than a reusable cooler. That’s because we believe in doing better for the planet, both in our diets and our routines.

Cost Comparison

Whether convenience and sustainability are important to you or not, we’re guessing cost is. After all, many of us are on a budget and can’t afford to spend much on food, no matter how healthy or convenient it is.

Blue Apron has meal kit delivery for two or four servings covering two, three, or four meals a week. The price per serving ranges from $7.99 to $11.99 per week, and a $9.99 shipping fee is added to your weekly charge. That means you’re spending anywhere from around $60 up to $140 a week.

The Vegan Taste offers weekly prepared meal delivery of six meals for $79.99 a week or 12 meals for $134.99 a week. Delivery adds $5 weekly to locations across the greater Phoenix Valley of the Sun. As you can see, your investment for The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron is comparable. In fact, Vegan Taste is just $.75 more per meal.

The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron: Which Is Better?

The real difference lies in the quality. Vegan Taste’s meals are ready to eat, prepared by a renowned vegan chef, and the ingredients are sourced locally. You can’t get fresher than that!

When choosing The Vegan Taste vs. Blue Apron, it’s important to look beyond how much the service will cost you. Are you looking for the convenience of ready-made meals? Do you prefer to minimize packaging and have more control over what you eat? Then the choice is clear.

See what Chef Jason has on the menu this week and make your choice. We know you’ll feel great about your choice.

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