The Bratweiler

Our Southwestern take on a Chicago dog with a vegan sausage simmered in beer, caramelized onion and poblano chiles, chorizo, brown mustard, and guajillo lime aioli on a whole wheat bolillo roll. Served with a side salad of kale.

Short history: While brats have the majority of their history founded in Germany, Wisconsin is the home of the “beer brat” – brats simmered in beer before and after grilling. It was popularized in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in the 1920’s. Brats have become a staple dish of ballparks – Bill Sperling first introduced brats to MLB in 1954 to the Milwaukee County Stadium when the Braves first moved to Milwaukee. They were only 35 cents back then! Since then Miller park sells more brats than they do hotdogs. With this version you will receive antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and K, selenium, and magnesium!

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a covered pan over medium heat. Split the bun open and fill. Side salad should be eaten at room temperature.




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