• The flavor of the meals are out of this world...

    Austin Hineman

  • ...amazing food at an affordable rate...

    Alex Gladding

  • First week and it was amazing! Delicious and creative meals!

    Danielle Torres

  • Chef Jason you stepped it up! Great meals!

    Jason Harvey

  • The food was delicious! I love the variety, the health and the convenience!

    Margarita Shircel

  • Loved the diversity of the menu and the quality of the ingredients

    Judith Worcester

Earlier this year I found myself bedridden several times due to a foot issue. As a single parent who also has kidney disease it was important to me to receive at least one meal daily that was nutrient dense to help my health. I was so happy to see a service that locally prepared the food & delivered to my home! I feel like I’m eating for royalty every meal, as the portions taste amazing & are fresh. My kidney function is continuing to improve & I am confident that is partly to The Vegan Taste providing these meals. The price includes a variety in weekly menus & delivery in a non wasteful manner and I love supporting a local business that also supports others in need. I hope to be a long term customer. Thank You!

Emma Po.


The Vegan Taste provides amazing food at an affordable rate so everyone can enjoy a health, balanced and delicious meal plan. Their staff are really friendly and respond quickly to any questions or concerns you may have. Did I say that the food is amazing? 😄

Alex Gl.

I was skeptical about this service because I have tried food at a few local vegan restaurants and have been disappointed. My husband and I have been vegetarian or vegan for 10+ years and I am very skilled in the kitchen so I didn’t see a reason to try a service like this. I saw a promo and thought I would try it out for 1 week. I was very pleased with the taste, variety, and portion sizes. Besides the good food, I ended up having so much free time in the evenings! I typically cook all our vegan meals from scratch which is time-consuming. Between the good food that exceeds my expectations and the added free time, we have signed up for a weekly subscription.
Karen Gr.


The food was delicious! I love the variety, the health and the convenience!


Margarita Sh.

Glendale, AZ

Loved the diversity of the menu and the quality of the ingredients.

Judith Wo.

Rio Verde, AZ

The flavor of the meals are out of this world. Compared to other meal prep companies which I’ve order from a ton, hands down this is the best yet.

Austyn Hi.

Mesa, AZ

I love to cook, but sometimes repeat the same dishes over and over.  I love the variety of the food and the flavors are amazing!  It is nice to have ready-made dinners after working all day.

Vickie Ge.

Mesa, AZ

 The meals were delicious. I love the concept of delivering in a lunch cooler then picking it up every week this zero-waste concept is great.

Araceli Mo.

Tempe, AZ

Just about everything was delicious! I appreciate how economical this service is, and am so glad to of found it! It made my meal planning so easy this week. My family isn’t vegan, but I am so I didn’t have to worry about making two different meals I would just make theirs’ and then heat up my dinner.

Erica Ba.

Lichfield Park, AZ

I really appreciated the quality of the food and the convenience, service, and eco-friendly process.

George Li.

Phoenix, AZ

Simply one of the best health decisions I’ve ever made!

Kim Co.

Phoenix, AZ

I am so excited to see a unique vegan meal delivery service, and excited to try a second week! Thank you!

Brittany Ni.

Cave Creek, AZ

First week and it was amazing! Delicious and creative meals!

Danielle To.

Gilbert, AZ

I have tried a few meal delivery companies. These companies offered plant-based options but they lacked so much flavor. The vegan taste is by far the best I’ve had! It is convenient for me because I train fasted. When I’m done training I eat my two meals after and I’m only responsible for one more meal on my own. It saves me time and money! I’d definitely recommend the Vegan Taste to anyone!

Justin Ma.


I enjoy the food each week. It’s really nice not having to cook dinner every night. Feels like there is more time in my evenings.

Tami La.


We are so exceptionally pleased with the outstanding quality and variety of meals created and delivered by The Vegan Taste… and servings are generous!
Deborah La.


I really enjoyed my first week with Vegan Taste. Lots of flavor and variety. Looking forward to next weeks menu
Alexandra Ro.


I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of The Vegan Taste experience! Every step of the service seems to be well thought through with the happiness of the customer (me) in mind! Thank you to ALL of you!

Mary Lee Ma.


This food and service is the best thing I’ve ever tried! Please keep up the great work. The menus and the flavors are delicious!!

John Mo.

Litchfield Park