Tandoori Chick’n & Veggies

Tandoori chick’n & veggies with naan, yogurt sauce, & side of daal

Fun Facts: Tandoors, the type of oven traditionally used to cook Tandoori foods, are about 5,000 years old from the Harappan civilizations in ancient India. Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of the Sikh religion, encouraged the use of Tandoors to help promote equality amongst the castes of India. He urged communities to build a common oven and cook together. Despite this, Tandoori cooking was not common in Delhi until 1947 – when Punjabi refugees brought the oven to Delhi, and it became a staple of the cuisine there. This dish, complete with traditional Tandoori spices, comes jam packed with fiber, vitamin A, B, C, E, & K, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm the filling in a pan over medium heat. Toast the naan if you like.

Customer Comments:

“One of the best of the week. Amazing creation and this meal is a perfect example of why we have subscribed to Vegan Taste for so long.” – William La. from Phoenix

“This was my favorite meal of the week. So many flavors. DELISH!!” – Tami Fr. from Phoenix




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