Szechuan Eggplant

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Seared eggplant and tofu in a Szechuan sauce over brown rice.

Fun Facts: The Szechuan province during the Middle Ages is the origin for a lot of Szechuan cuisine and flavors. The reason for the unique flavors coming out of this region was the topography of the land – it allowed for an abundance of rice and unique vegetables, and the people of the Sichuan province came up with a lot of different ways to preserve their food while also enhancing the flavors. Around the 16th century, there was an increase in immigration and exploration, which led to inclusion of different ingredients in Szechuan cuisine. Hot peppers were introduced and were added to traditional dishes to give them a spicy kick. From this meal from The Vegan Taste you will receive magnesium, iron, calcium, Vitamins A & C, folate, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Add 2 tablespoons of water and warm on medium high heat for 2 to 3 minutes.

Customer Comments:

“My favorite meal of the week!!! So yummy and the tofu was cooked to perfection!” – Tami La. from Phoenix

“Very good. The eggplant is a veggie I don’t cook enough. This dish made me crave more of it.” – Patrick Co. from Glendale

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