Sundried Tomato Pasta


Pasta Tossed with Sundried Tomato, Artichoke, Garbanzo Beans, Spinach Tossed in a Sundried Pomodoro Sauce.

Short History: Italians originally dried their tomatoes on their ceremic rooftops in the summer! They did this to delay the decaying process and preserve the tomatoes during the winter when they are unable to grow. This meal from TVT will provide you with vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin K, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a pan over medium or eat at room temperature

Customer Comments:

“I always love pasta with good flavor and I was surprised I liked zucchini noodles; I’ve never had them. ” – Martha Hu. from Gilbert

“Loved the flavor of this sauce and loved watching my 13 year old eat a big serving of veggies!” – April He. From Queen Creek

“This was a very nice, flavorful, and healthy feeling dish.” – William La. from Phoenix

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