Stuffed Shells

Shells stuffed with Casa Terra ricotta, spinach, tomatoes, & olives in marinara with a kale salad side.

Short History: Conchiglie is Italian for ‘seashells’: any type of pasta that is shaped like a shell is Conchiglie. Chefs even have contests seeing how lifelike they can make the Conchiglie to look like real-life seashells.  The rest of the ingredients in this dish will provide you with Vitamins A, C, & K, folate, manganese, magnesium, iron, and more!

Reheating Instructions Warm in a pan over medium heat.

Customer Comments:

“I ate this as slowly as possible to make it last as long as possible. That tapenade filling lifted these shells to pasta perfection for me! Pleeeeeease repeat this again?” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix

“The CT ricotta was sublime! This is the kind of dish vegans mean when they say they miss nothing that has animal products.” – Heather St. from Cave Creek

“Creamy ricotta filling with the contrasting piquant tomato sauce makes this  dish a winner!” – Mary Lee Ma. from Phoenix

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