Smokehouse Burger

A smoked BBQ burger with CT cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions, mushroom bacon, and leeks, served with a side of Brussels sprouts. Served with a jalapeño bun.

Short history: The Beyond Meat burger was created in LA in 2009, and became available all over the US in 2012. The four main reasons for creating this veggie burger, as stated on their website, are; address global resource constraints, improve animal welfare, improve human health, and positively impact climate change. When you choose the Beyond Meat burger instead of a beef burger, you get an equal or greater protein content, less saturated fat, and no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones.

Reheating Instructions: Warm the patty and toppings in a covered pan over medium for 3 minutes or microwave* on high for 2 minutes. Toast the bun if you like and fill. Potato salad should be eaten at room temperature.

Customer Comments:

“It was the best burger I have tasted. The dressing was delicious and so was the bun” – Deborah Wi. from Scottsdale

“This was my favorite burger and bun combination yet! It was a perfect pairing and perfectly yummy! I would love to have that Brussels sprouts side again soon!” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix

“This was the best meal I have had so far. Please bring it back again in the future ” – Philip De. from Queen Creek




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