Plant-Forward Thanksgiving Dinner

We have something special planned for the week of Thanksgiving this year.

Meal deliveries for the week of November 22 will include five great Thanksgiving items and one unique breakfast item.

  • Turk’y loaf with mashed potatoes and stuffing
  • Mac and Cheese, and scalloped potatoes
  • Seasonal Risotto
  • Fall Couscous
  • Creamy Cauliflower and Yellow Split Pea soup
  • Plus: Chef Jason’s PB Grand Slam Special (Breakfast Scramble, Pancake with maple syrup, Side Sausage)

Chef Jason’s PB Grand Slam Special (Breakfast Scramble, Pancake with maple syrup, Side Sausage)

Of course, you can enjoy an entirely plant-based Thanksgiving feast, or spread these specially prepared meals out throughout the week. You could even combine your meals to serve as plant-based side dishes!

If you are a regular subscriber this will be your meal set the week of Thanksgiving! Here’s another idea: Purchase an extra 6-meal set to help introduce a family member to an exclusive Plant-Based Thanksgiving. 

If you’re not a regular subscriber, contact us at or call (602) 505-4618 to order this Plant-forward Thanksgiving feast.


What people say about our Plant-forward Thanksgiving:

“We host Thanksgiving and have to cook so many things we would not even eat. So to have some great Plant-Based meals made for us was something that made us very grateful at dinner time. Thank you, Chef Jason!” 
Jake Ed. From Scottsdale

“Thank you for offering a Thanksgiving menu! We enjoyed the number of the dishes that were served for that meal”
Stephanie Ev. From Phoenix

It was especially helpful to have extra meals around during a holiday week where I was already doing a lot of cooking. I also felt like having a breakfast themed meal was really appropriate for a week where a lot of us are not working every morning
Mara Fu. From Tempe



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