Pasta Carbonara
Fettucine loaded with market veggies and a creamy carbonara sauce

History: Fettucine is traditionally associated with Tuscan and Roman cuisine.  Rome is both the capital, and the dividing line between northern and southern Italian culture.  Rome’s (the empire) aggressive colonial history in ancient times also meant that it was exposed to new and different culinary techniques.  During the Renaissance (or up to the 1600s) Rome was considered a pinnacle of high cuisine.  Still to this day classic Roman dishes like cacio e peppe and carbonara are found in restaurants throughout the world.

Customer Comments:

“Vegetables make a delightful contrasting crunch with the creamy smooth carbonara sauce,” – Mary Lee Ma. from Glendale

“Excellent dish! Loved the textures and the pasta was done perfectly.” – Meredith Sa. from Phoenix


Calories 475

Fat 11g

Complex Carbs 77g

Protein 17g

Fiber 9g

Sodium 600mg

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