Panang Curry

A creamy Thai curry with butternut squash, purple sweet potatoes, broccoli, and snap peas

Short history: Panang curry (also known as Phanaeng) is originally from the central region of Thailand, with the earliest record of this curry dating back to 1890. Currently, it is sold in street market stalls all over Thailand and is a popular dish all over the world. It’s a salty and sweet dish with a nutty flavor loaded with protein.

Reheating instructions: Warm in a pan over medium for 2 minutes or microwave on high for 2 minutes

Customer Comments:

“These meals are truly starting to make me a fan of Indian food, which I previously thought was too spicy for me. ” – Dawne Br. from Phoenix

“Wonderful. So delicious and satisfying.” – MaryEllen Br. from Glendale

“I’m sorry to repeat myself, but I would eat any curry that Chef Jason creates. I loved every single bite.” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix




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