Our Vegan Taste Story

My name is Bill, my wife Tami and I have been Vegan Taste Customers since January 2020.


We were introduced to plant-based eating as a health benefit through two very different friends of ours and their medical struggles. First, there was Ivan, in his 60’s he developed colon cancer and told us that he decided to not use chemotherapy to treat his illness. He had agreed to naturally cure his disease through “Going Vegan” this was back in 2012, and the first time I had even heard of the term. At the time, I remember being very scared for him and not agreeing with his decision. Without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, he moved entirely back into health, where he remains today.

Then there was our close friend Niki, who at 29 years old developed the same type of colon cancer. She took the traditional route recommended by her doctors and supported by all of us. The chemotherapy ravaged her body, and she had it beat! We all celebrated, and then 6 months later, she fought it again, and this time no medical treatment would help. My wife Tami spent a lot of time with her in those last few months of her life. During that time, they discussed a lot about the causes, and Niki was convinced that her cancer was from the “junk” food she loved to eat, and she told Tami, “Don’t eat meat.” She passed away at 31 years old in 2016. This event prompted Tami to eat less meat consistently, and once we watched the documentary “What the Heath” on Netflix, she went fully Vegan.

I stuck with being Vegan for about 3 months, I could not stay consistent. I was always getting tired at the food selections and reverted to the convenience of the easy meals, especially when I was “on the go.” Every meal Tami made at home was always Vegan, but I am not motivated to cook (plus I know I was addicted to cheese). I could not stick with it completely. And my health would be very inconsistent overall.

Who Introduced you to The Vegan Taste?

Chef Jason was interviewed by my doctor Peter Raisanen on The Rise Again podcast. I was hooked by Jason’s story, and Peter knew that The Vegan Taste would be the thing that could push me to go 100% plant-based and take those last steps to improve my health. I reached out to the company to sign up immediately to give it a shot.

What did you gain from The Vegan Taste?

The main benefit is my health has dramatically improved. Being completely Vegan now gives me more hope that I can overcome any health issues that might arise. After a month, I got more energy to the point where I started running a mile day (which I would have thought impossible before). I felt like I could breathe so much more!

Plus, now I have quick, easy meals to just reheat. So, if Tami was not there to cook, I have a perfect option and no excuse. And the food is so good that I look forward to seeing what is coming next. I did not need the cheese anymore as the variety of taste made me feel like a full “Foodie.”

For our family, it has dramatically improved our time at home for dinner. When I first got the service, I looked at it as a gift for Tami so that she would have a break from her Vegan cooking. We started to realize that it was worth it long term after about two weeks. The gift became part of our lifestyle.

Has anything surprised you about The Vegan Taste?

First, when we get the menu, and I see a meal that I would NEVER order. I have learned to trust the Chef. Because something can seem so foreign to me and even reading the ingredients, I think “I will not like this one” – then I eat it, and it ends up being my favorite meal of the week. I genuinely feel like a foodie now—tasting recipes from all over the world.

Second, we realized that our portions had been too big in the past. These meals satisfied all cravings and nourishment. We adjusted our other meals during the week to be sure that the portion was closer to a Vegan Taste meal, using smaller plates and bowls.

Would you recommend The Vegan Taste to others?

OF COURSE! Because the total cost you can replace is not just the cost of the food. It is also the time spent shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes. You get more family time! It gave us the variety and quality of meals like we used to look for when going out to restaurants. The cost is low (in my opinion) for what the service and quality are. Plus, I have an investing background, and when I look at the benefits of living and eating this way are compared to the potential health costs in the future, it is not even close. When it gets to taste this good, it is a no brainer.

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