Korean Hotpot

A doenjang hotpot with kombu, fresh carrots, broccoli, market veggies, rice, and tofu in a house-made Korean flavored mixed sauce. 

Short History: Kombu has an extremely long history, dating back from the 145th century BC to 6th century BC. Kombu was eaten because it was a convenient way to take in the nutrients people needed, such as proteins. From 794 to 1185, it was used in Buddhist practices and other religious settings and was frequently used in meals at temples. This meal from TVT will provide you with iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and more!

Simmer in a pot over medium until the desired temperature is reached.

Customer Comments:

“I think this was my favorite this week.” – Alice Ch. from Phoenix

“Excellent- very tasty. Would love to see this more often.” – Bob He. from Phoenix




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