Irish Shepherd’s Pie

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A vegan Irish stew topped with mashed potatoes, kale, and cabbage

Short History: There are many different variations of Shephard’s Pie all over the world! In very early cooking books, Shephard’s pie was a way to use leftover roasted meat of any kind, with mashed potato and pie crust. What was in the dish mattered a little bit less. In France, it was called “commonplace” and was a “homely” dish of the bourgeoise. This carefully crafted meal from The Vegan Taste will provide you with finer vitamin K, potassium, antioxidants, beta carotene, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Transfer to a baking dish and heat at 350F for 10 minutes

Customer Comments:

“Wow! We savored this one for hours afterward. This was perfection!” – Cathy Ma. from Phoenix

“It was good, best Shepherd’s Pie I ever had. But I have never enjoyed the flavor of beef. So that is what I like most. It’s not really like beef. It was amazingly filling!” – Robin Mc. from Peoria

“Wonderful! I would eat any variation of Shepherd’s Pie that Chef Jason creates!” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix

“Love the Shepherd’s Pie. It reminded me of my childhood when my grandmother use to make it. It was rich and filling without the guilt.” – Carlynda Ma. from Chandler

“Anyone who thinks that vegan food is some inferior, flavorless compromise needs to try this. Easily the best shepherd’s pie I’ve had, bar none” – Rory O’N from Phoenix

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