Green Machaca Veggie Burrito

A huge burrito made with a jackfruit, onions, poblano chiles, squash, potatoes, & beans in a creamy salsa verde. Laced with pistachios. Eat this one early in the Week!

Machaca’s preparation – drying meat with chiles and other spices – was developed by ranchers and cowboys in northern Mexico. Since the invention of the refrigerator, dehydration of food was no longer needed, and as a result machaca are mostly served well-cooked, shredded, and served soupy. In Tuscon, AZ, and places southern than that, machaca is served as close to the original dish as anywhere else. In this vegan variation, you will get vitamin A, C, & K, protein, manganese, magnesium, folate, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm the filling in a pan over medium for 3 minutes, then wrap in the tortilla.

Gluten-free version will be served over rice.

Customer Feedback:

“Tomatillo sauce had such a great flavor.” – Tami La. 8/8/2020

“This was the surprise for me, I didn’t expect this one to be so good. Really impressed with the burrito-sized whole grain tortilla.” – Kelly Co. 8/10/2020

“This ranks among the best dishes I’ve eaten! Very flavorful and unique.” – Linda St. 8/10/2020

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