Summer Veggie Curry

A coconut tomato curry with green beans, tofu, eggplant, & spinach, over brown rice.

The green bean comes from Peru and was moved and spread into Central and South America as a result of the migration of Indigenous tribes. Native Americans would grow green beans along with their corn – the bean would actually grow up the corn stalk. The Spanish took some green beans back to Europe and then sent them all around the world for trading. Since this movement to the North and subsequent introduction to the rest of the world, green beans are the most edible pod bean in the US! Green beans are a great resource for Vitamin A, C, & K, manganese, potassium, and iron. With the rest of this meal you will also receive folate, curcumin, protein, zinc, and more!coconut tomato curry with green beans, eggplant, squash, & tofu, served over brown rice.

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a pan over medium for 2 to 3 minutes.

Customer Feedback:

“This was AWESOME with amazing flavor and satisfaction” – Jphn Cr. 8/8/2020

Favorite meal of the week. So yummy and hearty!” – Tami La. 8/8/2020

“Out of this world and so filling.” – Cathee Cl. 8/8/2020

“Yum! A generous portion of tasty. I really enjoyed this.” – Nicholas Da. 8/9/2020

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