Greek Lemon & Chick’n Stew

A savory lemon broth with rice, sliced almonds, chickpeas, and shredded jackfruit with almond yogurt.

Short history: It is believed that chickpeas are around 7,500 years old – remains were found in what is present-day Turkey. This means that since the time that humans have been able to produce pottery, we have been cultivating chickpea crops. Chickpeas were even used as a coffee substitute and utilized by the Germans during World War I for this purpose. Chickpeas provide twenty percent of the world with protein – 12.1 million tons of chickpeas are cultivated every year! They are a great source of protein, fiber, folate, minerals, and amino acids.

Reheating instructions: Warm in a pot over medium for 2 minutes or microwave on high for 2 minutes