French Dip Sandwich

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Urban Beans beef, eggplant, caramelized onions, mustard, and Casa Terra cheese on a ciabatta roll with au jus.

Short History: Two different restaurants claim to be the birthplace of the French Dip – Philippe the Original and Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet – both in Los Angeles. The Phillipe’s, they serve the sandwich “wet,” while at Cole’s they serve the juices on the side. They each have their own brand of spicy mustard that goes with their sandwich. Both restaurants were opened in 1908! We’ll probbaly never know the exact origins of this dish. The Vegan Taste’s take on a French Dip will provide you with antioxidants, Vitamin A & C, manganese, iron, and more!

Warm the sandwich filling in a covered pan over medium. Toast the bun if you like and fill. Brussels sprouts should be eaten at room temperature.

Customer Comments:

“This sandwich was literally dripping with flavor after I doused it with the two, very generous sides of vegan jus. Moist and moutherwateringly delicious!” – Linda St. from Scottsdale

“The French dip was amazing one of my favorites of all time!” – John Li. from Phoenix

“It was so flavorful.” – Celia Sa. from Scottsdale

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