A Brazilian black bean dish with collards and rice.

Short History: It is believed that Feijoada stems from slavery in Brazil, when slaves put together the scraps that they had to create a filling stew. Some academics now say that the origin of the dish is actually from the European settlers when beans became one of their main foods because of its low maintenance and low cost production. Regardless of the origins of the dish, it has become an extremely popular entree throughout the country and around the world. This dish from TVT will provide you with protein, fibre, folate, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a pan over medium heat

Customer Comments:

“Nice way to experience a new dish from another culture, loved that mix of spices.” – Bill La. from Phoenix

“When you eat a Vegan Taste meal, you know you’re going to get something yummy. But it’s a happy bonus to be treated to meals that are new and unique, truly adventures from around the world.” – Rebecca Sp. from Phoenix

“Filling, delicious, just the right spicy and did I say delicious!?” – Amee Be. from Mesa




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