Creole Tempeh & Grits

Blackened tempeh in a Creole tomato sauce over blue corn grits.

Short History: Tempeh are originally from Indonesia, and is made from soy. The natural culturing process of making tempeh binds the soybeans into a cake form. In this particular dish, they are then cut into smaller pieces and roasted with seasoning. Tempeh is especially popular in the island of Java, and it is a staple source of protein for the people there. Because of the special process for making Tempeh, the soybeans retain a lot more of the protein, fiber, and vitamins compared to other ways of preparing soybeans. In addition to those health benefits, with this meal you will also receive vitamins A & C, potassium, and other antioxidants.

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a pan over medium heat for 3 minutes.

Customer Feedback:

“I didnt expect this to be so good honestly. I was surprised how good it was” – Justin Ma. from Scottsdale

“Loved the blue corn grits” – Erica Tr. from Peoria