Creamy Cauliflower & Yellow Split Pea Soup

Roasted cauliflower and yellow split pea soup infused with rosemary

Short History: Cauliflower originates from the Mediterranean region. It was used in Asian cuisine for centuries before it was introduced into European cuisine around the 16th century, where it became a delicacy in France. It wasn’t in North American cuisine until the 1900’s, and now it is mainly produced in California – CA produces 89% of the cauliflower in the US! This meal from The Vegan Taste is a great source of Vitamin B6, C, & K, as well as antioxidants, iron, folate, protein, and more!

Customer Comments:

“I think this was one of the best things I have ever tasted! I can’t figure out how you were able to make it taste so good. Recipe book some day?? I could honestly eat this every day. So good.” – Mark Al. from Phoenix

“Great flavor! Very creamy ! Loved the addition of cauliflower & fresh herbs, So comforting for dinner on a fall night!” – Terri Cu. from Phoenix

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