Chili & Mac

Our take on Chili Mac. A black bean zucchini, & three chile chili alongside pasta in Casa Terra cheese sauce and topped with cauliflower adobo. Gluten Free version has GF pasta.

Short History: Chili originated from either southern Texas or northern Mexico. There’s a recipe from the 1850’s that talks about traditional chili ingredients being pounded together and then dried into bricks, which then could be rehydrated in boiling water for an army encampment in northern Mexico. After this. Chili became a commonly prepared dish and was usually made by working class women called “chili queens.” The San Antonio Chili Stand seem to be the ones who really popularized it for Americans – Chili con carne is now the official dish of Texas! This meal from The Vegan Taste will give you a great source of capsaicin, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a pan over medium heat, either separately or together as your choose, or microwave on high for 2 mins.

Customer Comments:

“The mac was deliciously cheesy and paired perfectly with the black bean chili. Healthy and very satisfying.” – Linda St. from Scottsdale

“This is one of my Vegan Taste faves!!!! I loved how the mac had a light cheese sauce on it, without being “cheesy”. I ate this meal first.” – Mara Fu. from Tempe

“This was so comforting and delicious, plus loaded with delicious veggies. I love that your comfort food doesn’t weigh me down!” – Melinda Ca. from Scottsdale


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