Chick’n & Veggie Shawarma with Harissa Hummus

Roasted chick’n and veggies in a spiced tahini sauce with cucumber, cherry tomato, and olive salad. Served with harissa hummus, almond tzatziki sauce, and flatbread.

Short History: Shawarma is traditionally a slow spit-turned dish originating from the Middle East which consists of thin cuts of meat shaped into a cone. Shawarma first appeared during the Ottoman Empire, in what is called Turkey today! Closely related to Greek gyros in the way that the meat is grilled and cut, and an inspiration to the Mexican dish tacos al pastor.

How we make this Vegan is by replacing meat components with a mix of meat alternatives and fresh vegetables. Creating a more compassionate and sustainable version.

Reheating instructions: Warm the Veggie & Chik’n filling over medium heat, leave the rest at room temp. Add the veggie filling to the flatbread and enjoy!