Cheesy Grits & Creole Cauliflower

Cheesy grits topped with Creole cauliflower & toasted split peas

Grits originated with the Native American Muskogee tribe using a corn similar to hominy. American colonists learned to make the dish from the Native Americans, and it quickly became an American staple. South Carolina still has an entire chapter of legislation dealing exclusively with corn meal and grits. State law in South Carolina requires grits and rice meal to be enriched, similar to the requirement for flour! This meal from TVT will provide you with Vitamin K, calcium, folate, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm in a covered pan over medium heat

Customer Comments:

“As Southerners we sure did enjoy and texture and flavor of this dish!” – Pamela Po. From Apache Junction

“Wow! What a surprise! I can honestly say I’ve never had grits and this meal made for a wonderful breakfast.” – Janet Ku. from Phoenix

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