Sicilian eggplant with chickpeas and Israeli couscous

Short History: The eggplant comes from India and is thought to be around 1500 years old! When trade routes opened, the eggplant was introduced to Europe and Africa by the Arabs and Persians, respectively. The Spanish brought eggplants to the “New world” in the 17th century. The oldest known reference to eggplant is believed to be from a Chinese book from the 5th century, in which they talk about a black dye made from an eggplant that fashionable ladies used to stain their teeth and make them “shine like metal.” With this meal from The Vegan Taste, you will receive a great source of vitamin B6, C, & K, fiber, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and more!

Customer Comments

“Loved the flavors. It was really satisfying.” – Beth Le. from Tempe

“My favorite this week packed full of flavor.” – Charla Ca. from Phoenix

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