Breakfast Tacos

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Tacos with a scramble, potatoes, beans, pickled zucchini, minced onion, and a guajillo chile and chile de arbol almond salsa. Hash browns on the side.

Chile de arbol – “Tree Chile” in English – is named for the woody stem on top of it, which looks like a tiny tree. Other names for this pepper include “Bird’s beak chile” and “Rat’s tail chile” – although those are somewhat less appetizing. It comes from Mexico, but is often used in Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Southwestern US cuisines as well.

It is believed that they are derived from the cayenne pepper – they are very spicy! When you eat this meal, you will get protein, fiber, manganese, Vitamin C & E, fiber, and more!

Reheating Instructions: Warm the filling in a pan over medium for 2 minutes. Warm the tortillas and fill.

Customer Feedback:

“Unbelievable! So great. Want it everyday for breakfast.”  – John Cr. 8/8/2020

“Tasty. I enjoyed the combination of the potatoes and the scramble. My only complaint was I wanted a little more.” – Nicholas Da. 8/9/2020

Happy to have breakfast for dinner this week. Great quality in the corn tortillas too!” – Kelly Co. 8/10/2020

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