About The Vegan Taste

The Vegan Taste is our way of showcasing artisan vegan food to the world. It’s about education and inspiration. It’s about health. It’s about compassion, both for humans and non-humans. And it’s about eating really, really good vegan food! Because you don’t have to compromise on taste to eat healthy and eat kindly.


Eat Healthy

In 2001, I was diagnosed with diabetes and was seriously overweight. By going vegan, I was able to drop over 100 pounds over the course of two years and completely reversed my diabetes in eight months. The transformation was incredible and not long after, I found myself in better shape in my 30s than when I was a high school athlete. The only change I made was going vegan, but there was one thing in particular I learned during that time. If the food wasn’t any good, I wasn’t going to eat it! And that’s why I learned how to cook, eventually leading me to become a chef, which in turn led me to sharing my knowledge with you.

Eat Compassionately

Being vegan is about making kind choices. It’s about valuing life for all creatures as an end in itself, not as a tool or commodity for our own pleasure. It’s a choice that says we can be better and a rejection of the ruthlessness and indiscriminate harm of animal agribusiness. It’s not only a path of kindness, but a path of wisdom. A path that protects our health, protects our water supply, and protects our environment. It’s a way to look out for others and look out for ourselves at the same time.

Eat Well

We love food! If you’re here, you probably love food, too. For us, being vegan means not compromising on taste. It’s a first class cuisine, not a second class culinary citizen. It’s expansive in what it covers, filled with bold flavors, spice, and passion. It encompasses thousands of dishes from around the world and thousands more waiting to be created by people like you. We love trying new ingredients and new recipes and consider ourselves food explorers. If you are the type of person willing to travel an hour to eat at an outstanding restaurant or spend time seeking out elusive ingredients just to try them, you’re a lot like us. Being vegan for us is about exploring, and it’s about art, and it’s about eating really, really well.