Welcome to The Vegan Taste!

The Vegan Taste is here and we are incredibly excited to share it with you. While we have been publishing the Vegan Culinary Experience, the world’s first vegan food magazine, for the past few years, it wasn’t the best vehicle for featuring easily digestible content nor was it as easy for us to share the personal side of our food journey with our readers. I will always love the work put out with the VCE and I appreciate all the outstanding people that have contributed to it over the years, but I hope you find The Vegan Taste to be even more informative and fun! We will be updating The Vegan Taste several times a week with blog posts, Food Talk discussions, reviews, recipes, and instructional videos. If you want to learn about vegan food or just want to smile while we make our delicious recipes, this is the place to be. Thanks to everyone who read the VCE over the years and we look forward to having you along on this fun and exciting vegan food adventure with us!