Vegan Doughnuts! OMG!!


Yesterday we had an unexpected surprise. While I was getting my latest batch of prenatal vitamins at Whole Foods, and the salad dressing I was craving that day, I spotted two words that separate hold little meaning. Combined, these words made my head snap to the side to confirm I had seen what I thought I saw. Those words? Vegan Doughnuts. For a very long time, unless you lived by Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland or one of the select other outlets smattered around our great nation, it’s been next to impossible to find vegan doughnuts.

These were cake doughnuts – one plain, and five with assorted frostings. I cringed as I picked up the plastic box expecting a price tag on the bottom that would give me a heart attack. After all, this is Whole Foods or as most of us say “Whole Paycheck”. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire box of six was a meager $5.50! That’s not bad at all! It was in my shopping cart before my husband could blink.


I took pictures when I arrived home. They could look better – the young man bagging my groceries put the box in upside-down – but I wanted to document these gossamer apparitions before they were gone. Into the fridge they went to keep them fresh while I started getting ready for the evening. In the back of my mind I kept hearing the siren call of Vegan Doughnuts…. Eat us, come try us….

Well, now it is the next morning and I have tried the plain cake doughnut, and the ‘strawberry frosted’. I put that last one in quotations because it had pink frosting. The frosting tasted… pink? Frosting like? Standard? Those words all come to mind.

The cake doughnut itself was good. It was moist and had a good flavor. It was not overly greasy. My kitty Halo took the crumb bite I offered her and asked for more, making it a hit with the feline crowd.

My summary is if you are in the Phoenix area, we found these at the Whole Foods on 101 and Ray. They did satisfy that ‘need’ for a vegan doughnut, but I would probably not get them again. They were inexpensive, and ok, but they were just that – ok. It really did make me want to break out our fryer and start working on making some vegan doughnuts of our own.

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