Vegan Vacations

About Our Vacations

Join the chefs for a vacation of relaxation, exploration, and outstanding local vegan food. We love food. Experience local cuisine through a vegan lens with cooking classes, market trips, fabulous meals, and the opportunity to talk to local chefs, brewers, and farmers. We love history. Our vacations combine excursions to famous historical sites like Pompeii and Volcan Poas with journeys to places that are more off the beaten path. We love to relax and have fun. Our vacations aren’t always go, go, go. We like to have time to relax on the beach, go dancing at night, or simply listen to good music while sipping a cup of freshly roasted coffee. We love to travel and we think you do, too. We designed these vacations to be the ones that we ourselves want to go on. Good food, engaging culture, fascinating history, and above all, a memorable experience that we can’t wait to have again. We hope you can join us.

How to Join Us

Each of our vegan vacations is unique. Please see below for the different vacations we are currently offering, complete with dates, activity listings, price, and what that price includes. Please note that you are responsible for your own airfare and any costs outside of the vacation dates.

Registration: To register for one of our vacations, please contact Chef Jason Wyrick at 623-680-7468 or at


  • Current Vacations

    Italy – July 4th to the 11th, 2015

    RomeJoin us in Italy as we explore Cilento Park and the history of the South, Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast for a week of food, relaxation, and history. The south of Italy is incredibly vegan friendly and also has some of the best food we have ever tasted, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and unadulterated flavors.



    Tour Highlights: 2 Vegan Cooking Classes, Wood-fire Vegan Pizza Night, Pompeii, the Monastery of Padula, Wild Foraging, the Temples of Paestum, the Grottos of the Cilento Coast, Boat Rides, the Artisans of Vietri sul Mare, the Castle of Roccadaspide, the Amalfi Coast, and a night in Rome.

    Comforts: First class accommodations at villas in Cilento Park and the Amalfi Coast, a first class comfortable motor coach, and English-speaking guides, all vegan food with opportunities for those who are not entirely vegan to set off on their own.

    Cost: $2,595.00 USD (does not include airfare)

    Registration: To register, please contact Donna at Green Earth Travel at 301-229-5666 or at

    Full Itinerary

    • Day 1– Pick up in Naples (airport code NAP), then we drive down to Cilento Park, stopping in Vietri Sul Mare to see ceramic making demos from one of the most famous ceramic areas in the world. Pompeii for a guided tour before checking into our villa and meeting for dinner.
    • Day 2– Village of Felitto – Harvest nature walk where we will learn about all the wild greens, vegetables and herbs that have been used for centuries in the  local dishes of the Park of Cilento. After our  harvest walk tour and  cooking lesson we will have lunch in a local farm house. After lunch we can choose to take a ride down the river on a paddle boat or  a nature walk thought the mountain of Felitto.
    • Day 3– Our first stop is the Monastery of Padula, a UNESCO  World Heritage Site and the largest antiquity of southern Italy. We will have lunch in Villa Cosilinum, a beautiful restored villa at the top of this village. We will then have a tour of the Joe Petrosino home before heading back to hotel for a cooking class.
    • Day 4– Drive down the Coast of Cilento to the fishing village of Palinuro where we will take a boat ride to the Five Grottos of the Cape. We will have lunch overlooking the water and then free time on the beach, followed by a cooking class at night.
    • Day 5–  Tour of the Castle of Roccadaspide built in 1242 by Fredrick  II and passed down to the Duke Ettore Giuliani who will give us the tour himself. Afterwards, we’ll take a trip to the city of Agropoli where we’ll explore the city and eat at a local trattoria. Later that, we’ll make our own pizzas in a traditional wood-fire pizza oven!
    • Day 6–  A free day to roam the Amalfi Coast as you like. We will also provide a list of things to do in the area with a list of vegan friendly places to eat, and you are also welcome to come with us if you don’t want to explore on your own.
    • Day 7 –  On our last day, we’ll be stopping in Pompeii for a 2 hour guided tour followed by a stop at Paestum, where we can walk down  the street to see the three temples of this ancient Greek colony.
    • Day 8–  Transfer to the Naples airport.