Traditions Worth Passing Down and an RVO

RVO-2-LARGEI am super excited. When you leave your parent’s home, you get a chance to keep those traditions or create your own. My mom and I have a tradition of her buying me a new pet or plant for Easter. Many times, when I was young the pet and plant would rotate. One year, I got a baby rabbit. I named him Baby Jay. At the time we lived in a suburb outside Portland, OR. Baby Jay lived free in the back yard, which was surrounded by a six foot block fence. He ate hay, fresh grass and vegetables. One of our dogs, Scrappy, was half wolf and half Great Pyrenees. Because of this, Scrappy’s nails grew every day. Every day, the dog would lay down with his paws out, and Baby Jay would gnaw them down. Scrappy protected that rabbit. One day we heard a huge commotion. A raccoon had come to try and steal out turtle (named, Turtle) and Scrappy had it treed. Baby Jay came to have a look and Scrappy gently nuzzled him away, then went back to barking at the raccoon. No one was harmed, but it was funny.

With a tribe of cats, and a baby on the way, a pet for Easter did not seem like a good option to me. However, HORNED WORMS (the all caps are deserved) destroyed most of Jason’s pepper garden last year. Only one Serrano remains of his once mighty garden. This is sad.

Off I went to the nursery and I got him a flat of peppers, with a few tomatoes. (Those go in a separate garden). Now he had jalapenos, chiles de arbol, fresno reds, serranos, and habaneros. I also got him some San Marzano tomatoes. Since he went to Italy, he loves them, and we only have access to canned here.

BTW,  you might be able to see it was Easter for the cats, too! I picked up three more catnip plants for them. Lemon catnip, standard catnip, and six mountain catnip will all be in the fresh catnip rotation now, too! Holidays for all!

Next year, it will be my child’s first Easter. I plan on getting them a tree and passing on a great vegan tradition – grow your own RVOs.


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