Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew Review

apple-cider-soda-LARGENow that I am pregnant, having a cocktail or drink is 100% not an option. But, sometimes I still enjoy having something special to drink while I relax. In my pre-baby days, I really loved hard apple cider. When I saw this, I checked the label – this had no artificial color or flavor (score) and all natural ingredients (double score!).

The soda poured into my glass with a foam head not unlike a fine beer on tap. That caught my attention but it was the first sip that stole my heart. The flavor was resplendent of apples, with a mellow blend of spice. The words that kept coming to mind were crisp, smooth, mellow and delicious. I sipped at this soda, savoring every drop. I was so sad when I drank it all!

I bought mine at World Market for $1.99. Sadly, I have not seen these at many stores in my area, but if you can track this down, it is a perfect non-alcoholic alternative drink for fall. Still, while it does have fall flavors I would happily drink this any time of the year. If you see this, grab it! You will in no way be disappointed!

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