Our recipes are highly detailed and broken down step by step. Many of them use ingredients you can commonly find at your local market. However, some of them do not. We just love exploring food and seeing where we can take vegan cuisine. We try to include something for every budget, skill level, for those who just want some quick tasty eats, and for those more adventurous. You can find our full archive here and you can search by cuisine, skill level, and ingredient. If you like what you see here, please visit our online store!

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    Red Pozole

    When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

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    Red Pozole

    When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

    Bitter Garlic Quinoa Risotto

    I created this recipe for a quinoa class because I wanted to experiment with adding some dark flavors to quinoa. To achieve those dark flavors, I created a broth made from caramelized, bitter garlic. The flavor is intense, off the beaten path, and delicious. Keep in mind, this is not a real rissoto, but it’s cooked […]

    Italian E-book Downloads

    Below is a collection of two of the back issues of The Vegan Culinary Experience magazine that focus on authentic Italian cuisine as well as the two e-books I compiled for my tours in Southern Italy. Italy is one of my favorite parts of the world and I always look forward to going back and discovering […]

    Spicy Eggplant Salad with Mint and Garlic

    This Calabrian dish is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant in the summer. It has a simple set of ingredients that come together perfectly with the right execution. It takes about a day for the eggplant to marinate, but it will last refrigerated for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Ingredients 8 Italian […]

    Friendship Cup

    I first heard of this drink while scouring some of my authentic Italian cookbooks, and finally had it during one of my solo trips to Italy. It’s quirky, intense, fun, and eminently drinkable. It’s Italian name is La Coppa dell’Amicizia and it’s a mix of espresso, grappa, wine, sugar, and lemon zest. It’s traditionally served […]

    Spring Peas with Porcini

    This dish, called Piselli al Porcini, is my variation on a classic peas and prosciutto dish. It’s a very simple dish and the trick to it is to use dried porcini instead of fresh ones. It’s also very easy to make this dish without the oil, too. Ingredients 1/4 cup of dried porcini 1 small […]

    Bruschetta Three Ways

    Bruschetta, pronounced brew-skett-uh in Italian, is both simple and exquisite, rustic and fancy at the same time. Whenever I have my grill going, I always think of pulling out a loaf of bread and garlic and making a quick snack of bruschetta. While you will get the best flavor by far on the grill, you […]

    One Pot Orecchiette

    This recipe is a simple variation of my favorite orecchiette recipe, without as much mess. It can all be made in one pot and putting it together only takes a few minutes. Minimal cleanup, minimal work, maximum flavor. I love that. Ingredients 10 cloves of garlic, minced 2 tablespoons of olive oil (omit this for […]

    Apple Blackberry Dessert Polenta

    I created this dessert as part of a challenge to myself to find a way to new way to use polenta in one of my classes. I had a ton of it sitting around and wanted to do something unexpected with it. Thus, dessert polenta was born. It’s a little sweet, but not overly sweet, […]

    Thai Green Stir-fry

    This is one of my favorite Thai noodle dishes. It requires a bit of prep and the ingredient list is pretty long, but the prep itself is easy and once you start cooking, it goes very quickly. I recently make this for one of my authentic Thai vegan cooking classes and it was the start […]

    Artichokes Stuffed with Risotto

    I love artichokes and I love risotto, so why not combine them? I couldn’t think of a good reason not to, either. This is one of the first recipes I created many years ago when I was doing research on authentic Italian cuisine and I perfected it during one of the tours I hosted while […]

    My Cheatin’ Mole

    I am a huge fan of mole (and really, if you are reading this site, there’s a good chance you are, too.) I’m not always a fan, however, of spending hours making one, so I developed this 30 minute mole recipe so I could have something that was nearly as good as the traditional mole […]

    Sopa de Lima y Naranja

    This is my take on a classic Yucatecan lime soup. The limes used in that soup are fairly different than the super tart green limes we usually see in the grocery store, so I decided I was going to do a mix of limes and oranges. Wow, this soup turned out well! It’s a nice […]

    Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup

    More and more I love making my own coffee at home. This is partially because I have a horrible makeup habit, and that money needs to come from somewhere. I take that money I used to spend on Starbucks three or four times a week and funnel that elsewhere. The problem with Starbucks is that […]

    Strawberry Shortcake Oatmeal

    I am someone who loves big taste. I enjoy things that taste like they have a ton of calories – but don’t. I also hate artificial flavors and sweeteners. This is a recipe that tastes amazing with big rich flavors, however is low calorie and healthy. When I feel like being a little decadent I […]

    Toasted Panzanella with Oranges

    This recipe is really a hybrid between panzanella, that classic Italian bread salad, and a southern Italian winter salad made with oranges and olives. Two of my favorites, combined into one salad made out of a whole lot of awesome.  Ingredients 2 oranges, peeled, sectioned, and sliced into bite-size pieces 1 small red onion, minced […]

    Tamales with Beans and Peanuts

    Tamales are a Christmas tradition all across Mexico and the American Southwest, where I grew up. I always make a batch every holiday season and each season gets a new recipe. This year, it’s pinto beans, roasted peanuts, and raisins in a serrano and guajillo chile sauce. If you want to tone down the heat, […]

    Sliders with Cherry Balsamic Sauce

    I can’t decide which I love better, the slider patties or the cherry balsamic sauce. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide because they go great together! I used a thinly sliced sourdough bread for the buns to focus the attention on the sliders and sauce and toasting the bread gives just a little crunch. You […]

    Cherry Chile Wassail

    Wassail is the quintessential holiday drink with a history that goes back at least to the Medieval period, with some evidence indicating that the drink is much older. Originally, wassail was a cider drink with ginger and mulling spices and oddly enough, topped with toast. It was often consumed in early January during a ritual […]

    Jackfruit & Nopales Sandwich

    This is a variation on a sandwich a local restaurant serves here in Phoenix and one of my students asked me to do a version of it, so now I am sharing it with you. It’s an easy to make sandwich and if you’re worried about working with cactus paddles (aka nopales,) don’t worry. There’s […]

    Ensalada de Noche Buena

    My mom used to make this salad and I had no idea it was a traditional Mexican Christmas/Christmas Eve salad. I’m not even sure my mom knew. It was just something the family did. There are so many variations on this salad that I could post a hundred different versions, but at its heart, it’s […]

    Nutbrown Ale Tofurky

    This is basically the first Tofurky recipe I made, many years ago, and like the BBQ Peanut Butter Tofurky, it has stood the test of time. What makes this recipe particularly good is that you can turn the roasting/marinating liquid into a gravy once you’re done cooking the Tofurky. Ingredients 2 bottles of nutbrown ale […]

    Walnut Serrano Crusted Tofurky

    Madelyn first introduced this to me and I couldn’t resist the mix of fresh serrano chiles and ground nuts. Her version uses pecans, but we didn’t have any available, so I made mine with walnuts. I added a little agave to balance out the heat of all the fresh serranos and it worked out perfectly. […]

    BBQ Peanut Butter Tofurky

    This is one of my oldest Tofurky recipes, but it has stood the test of time! It’s got a deep, rich note from the peanut butter and powerful, caramelized goodness from the BBQ sauce. It’s great cooked in the oven, but intoxicating when it’s slow-smoked on the grill. You can use a store-bought BBQ sauce, […]

    Apple Stuffing with Aleppo Chiles

    I always make “stuffing” every year, even though I don’t actually stuff it in anything. I have lots of different variations, but this year, I wanted to make something a little extra special. I found Opal apples when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s, so I picked up a few of them and decided to […]

    Crispy Sage Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    These mashed potatoes are a family favorite for Thanksgiving. Even one of my brothers, who is about as far from vegan as you can get, likes to take leftovers of these home with him. This is my kind of comfort food. A little upscale, but nothing fussy.  Ingredients 20 cloves of garlic 1 tablespoon of […]

    Mushrooms Stuffed with Pecan Guajillo Paste

    This fancy stuffed mushroom is incredibly easy to make and just as easy to modify. Consider the pecan guajillo paste, a smear made from just pecans, guajillo chiles, and salt, your canvas upon which to paint. A tasty, tasty canvas that stands on its own, but which also makes a great starting point for you […]

    Breakfast Chilaquiles

    Chilaquiles, a popular Mexican dish with a robust filling nestled between two crisp corn tortillas, all smothered in chile sauce, are Mexican soul food to me. Often eaten for breakfast, these are a spicy morning wake up that leaves a big smile on my face. This particular version is made with a tofu and pinto […]

    Watermelon Jicama Salad

    I love watermelon salads and I’ve posted one before on The Vegan Taste. This newest one is now my reigning favorite. I could eat this for lunch every day of the week. It’s refreshing, slightly sweet, has a little crunch, and a little pep from the fresh lime, and a complex, resonant heat from the […]

    Root Beer BBQ Sauce

    Root beer barbeque sauce is a staple at this time of year. Mine has a few twists and turns. I always use a natural soda, like Virgil’s root beer. I hate artificial colors, flavors, or any of that. I also included options to use a natural version of Dr. Pepper or even ginger beer! Experiment […]

    Enchiladas Verdes with Tomatillo-Jalapeno Sauce

    Enchiladas verdes (enchiladas cooked in a tomatillo-chile sauce) are the peppy cousin of more traditional red enchiladas. I recently taught these in a class and they were a huge hit. Then I served them to a group of friends who come over for games and food every month, and they were an even bigger hit. […]

    Olive Potato Salad

    There is so much about this salad that I love, a lot! The saltiness of the olives and capers is delicious, but best of all is the dressing. By using dark molasses as a touch of sweetener, you are adding a huge depth of unexpected flavor. The creaminess of the potatoes with the crunch of […]

    Grilled Lime Margarita with Mesquite Smoked Salt from Vegan Tacos

    I don’t drink that often, so when I do, I make sure it’s a really good drink. This one certainly fits the bill. It’s a smoky, exotic twist on the classic margarita and it doesn’t take much more effort to make than the standard margarita takes. You will need to get some specialty ingredients for […]

    Coconut Berry Refresher

      In the picture you see, I used a combination of strawberries and rosemary. I also like blueberries with rosemary, strawberries with basil, strawberries with mint, blackberries with thyme… really the combinations are so limitless! This comes together in no time, is low calorie and yet is a nice decadent treat. Think about serving this […]

    Sonoran Tacos, from Vegan Tacos

    Sonoran cuisine has a strong affinity to the Southwestern U.S. and this taco is no exception. It uses a flour tortilla instead of the more typical corn tortilla. The preparation is very simple and straightforward, creating a taco with a few strong elements that create several layers of flavor in each bite. I’ve provided three […]

    Mexican Fusion Chopped Salad

    Here is an easy, refreshing dinner. Not only will this make you feel full, it is full of flavor, fiber, protein and antioxidants. It uses a lot of southwestern flavors, but I can’t in good conscience call this ‘Mexican’ as it is not authentic. I included two options for dressing – one has fat and […]

    Throwback Thursday! Chorizo Sloppy Joes

    We have another Throwback Thursday here at the Vegan Taste! Growing up, I loved Sloppy Joes. My mom would make them from scratch and they were one of my favorite meals. When I moved out on my own, I used Manwich. I am sure that somewhere in our lives most of us have used Manwich […]

    Chickpea Pancakes with Zucchini and Garlic

    These delicious chickpea pancakes are based on thinner Indian crepes called pudla and are perfect for breakfast or lunch. They’re easy to make and gluten-free and you can fill them with a variety of ingredients. The key to getting these to come out properly is to control the heat of the pan and get your flipping […]

    Tandoori Sweet Potatoes

    Tandoori, although more popularly associated with chicken tandoori, is actually a style of cooking using a tandoor, which is a clay oven that looks like a jar. It’s a type of cooking most closely identified with Punjab cuisine. The fire is placed at the bottom of the oven so that food cooks three different ways: […]

    Throwback Thursday! From Entenmann’s to Amazing!

    It’s time again for Throwback Thursday! This time I decided to remake something from my childhood – the Entenmann’s Coffee Cake. I don’t know if they still make the version I grew up with, which was a soft pastry topped with Jam and drizzled with frosting. It came in a blue and white box. We […]

    Chard and Zucchini in White Bean Sauce

    The sauce is based on a white bean pizza sauce found in Tuscany, but I figured it would go just as well with sautéed zucchini and stewed greens. Make sure to cook the zucchini and greens separate so the texture comes out right and if you forgo the water in the recipe, you can use […]

    Guacamole Tacos, from Vegan Tacos

    Guacamole tacos are incredibly popular in Mexico and in my home. They are easy to make and highly addictive. I think it’s the very warm, satisfying feeling of the fresh tortilla coupled with creamy avocado. Even without the toppings, they are delicious. With them, these tacos become lively with lots of heat from the salsa […]

    Throwback Thursday!

    Updating Chicken Chow Mein to Peanut Noodle Salad I have a large collection of retro cookbooks. I love many things about them. They inform us of changing food norms. They tell us what previous generations thought was ‘new and modern’. They are amazing little time capsules. Some of those time capsules are kind of scary, […]

    Orecchiette, Zucchini, and Chanterelles

    Orecchiette is a small ear-shaped pasta (hence the name) and the shape makes it perfect for sauces to cling to it. This version is a hybrid of the one we had at the Cilento restaurant and one that I made while I was in Rome. The sauce is very similar to the one used for […]


    Originally a San Francisco seafood stew with a tomato fennel broth, cioppino has become a popular dish over the last few years. I recently discovered it and decided to create my own compassionate version of this dish featuring roasted oyster and trumpet mushrooms with a scattering of split green peas and a little torn nori […]

    Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato

    Even though gelato is a semi-soft ice cream, many types of gelato are made without dairy. This chocolate gelato, which I had at a cafe on the Amalfi Coast, is one of those and I absolutely love the combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate. It’s based on a Sicilian style of gelato that uses corn […]

    Coconut Lemongrass Lentil Soup

    This is one of those recipes that I think will work when I create it, but far exceeds my expectations. It’s a simple coconut lemongrass infused broth spiked with fresh lime. Just that combination is perfection, but when you add red lentils and trumpet mushrooms, it becomes soul-satisfying perfection. Ingredients 2 cups of coconut milk […]

    Chorizo Scramble Torta

    If you can’t tell, I love tortas. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. This one is based off of a torta from the restaurant Xoco and features a classic Mexican breakfast scramble, but uses a cilantro chimichurri sauce as the “kick” for the sandwich.    Ingredients The Sauce 2 cups […]

    Mexico City-style Torta

    Tortas, those quintessential Mexican sandwiches, are a staple of Mexico City. This particular sandwich combines elements found in different types of tortas to create a new delicious treat. At the heart of the torta are mushrooms or seitan simmered in a guajillo chile garlic sauce, giving a punch to the sandwich. This is topped with […]

    Tacos Vampiros, from Vegan Tacos

    This taco is a specialty of Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. It’s actually a hybrid tostada taco, with a crisp tortilla that gently curls around crispy beans and vegan cheese. It’s absolutely delicious and it has one of the coolest names for a taco I’ve ever heard, because Tacos Vampiros translates to “Vampire Tacos.” Some say […]

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