New Product Alert – TJ’s South African Spiced Chips

South-African-chips-SMALLTrader Joes Potato Chips with South American Style Seasoning
Gluten Free

Yesterday, while shopping at Trader Joes, Jason and I spotted a new product, Trader Joes potato chips with South American style seasoning.  I wanted nothing more than to keep you, our readership informed, so with an air of great sacrifice I grabbed a bag to review. And if you think it was like that, and not a pregnant lady grabbing chips and laughing manically, then I have a great bridge buying opportunity in New York….

A lot of Trader Joes products are surprisingly good. This product was freaking absolutely amazing. The chips are thin and light, almost disappearing in your mouth at first bite. The flavor has a bright smoke flavor with a hint of herbs and a background of chili. There is almost no heat to these chips- most of the flavor comes from smoked paprika.south-african-chips-open-SMALL

I could not believe how much I loved these chips. They were amazing and I was floored. The price is what seals the deal for me – 10 oz of chips for $2.29. These would be perfect paired with a savory sandwich or burger. Bring these to a picnic or BBQ and prepare to be bombed with questions about where you got these modern wonders.

Highly, highly recommended.


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