Italian E-book Downloads

Below is a collection of two of the back issues of The Vegan Culinary Experience magazine that focus on authentic Italian cuisine as well as the two e-books I compiled for my tours in Southern Italy. Italy is one of my favorite parts of the world and I always look forward to going back and discovering new dishes and new friends.

If you are interested in learning more about my vegan Italian tours, with one coming up from July 4th to the 11th of 2015, please head here. It truly is the trip ofa lifetime!








Click on the links or images to take you to the appropriate collection of recipes.

VCECoverFeb09February 2009 Italian Issue of the VCE – this issue is a little dated, but the recipes are solid and you can see the evolution of my Italian recipes as you look at the subsequent ebooks.



VCECoverAug12Pizza Issue of the VCE Part 1 – this issue was so big, I had to split it into two parts! Learn about types of dough, classic sauces, innovative toppings, wood-fire pizza and how to replicate it in a conventional oven.



VCECoverAug12Part 2 of the Pizza Issue of the VCE – more pizza recipes!




VCECucinaItaliaCoverThe e-book from my first Italian tour – lots of fun recipes focusing on fresh ingredients.




Florence-Farmers-MarketThe ebook from my second Italian tour – with extra recipes based on my time going solo in Florence.