Our First RVO – A Random Vegan Object!

golden-nugget-1-SMALLToday is a new type of post for the Vegan Taste and Madelyn Eats. I wanted to create a new category called RVO, short for random vegan object! This is a way for Jason and I to go out into the world and find fun, weird, or just random vegan objects and share them with you. Don’t make this one sided, if you have an RVO to share with me, send it my way! Comment below or send it to madelyn@thevegantaste.com or post to Facebook.

When I saw this at the store, I knew I had my first candidate. This is a Golden Nugget Tangerine. It is a newly popular type of citrus. With its wrinkled, nobby skin it reminded me of a shar pei puppy. Plus, I will try any new fruit or vegetable at least once. Bitter Melon? Yah, I tried that once, too and that was a one time only event, let me tell you.golden-nugget-tangerine-2-SMALL

This Golden Nugget little fruit was a wonderful discovery! It was easy to peel and the citrus oil left a scent on my fingers that was smelled of citrus flowers, fresh rain, and a bright clean note, too. I can’t stop smelling my fingers, which looks weird, but the only other person at home is Jason. Since I am pregnant I have really a heightened sense of smell, so it is really wonderful right now.

Even better, the flavor is mostly tangerine with a slight vanilla note. The sections were easy to peel apart and they were seedless. I bought this at Trader Joes, for only .89. I know that might be a lot to pay for a single piece of fruit, but the green, lifeless bananas at Starbucks are .99, and this so much more.

golden-nugget-tangarine-3-SMALLI would recommend saving the zest by zesting it before you peel. Keep it in a small, airtight jar, if possible. I cannot imagine how good a cupcake frosting would be with a few tablespoons of this zest added, or, save the peels of 4-5 fruit, then place them in a one pint jar with white vinegar. Screw on the lid then leave for a month. You will have wonderful smelling cleaner base. Add 1 cup of the base to 1 cup of water and use that to clean windows, floors, or anything else you desire.


I checked several agricultural websites for the growing season. These grow from February to May, so we still have a few weeks. While these are around, enjoy!



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