Easy Hummus Wraps


So where have I been? It is 120 degrees here in Phoenix and I am very, very pregnant. I really was unprepared for how much the pregnancy kick my booty – mentally and physically. I have managed to keep up with my cooking classes and most of our local catering but The Vegan Taste has been neglected and for that I am so sorry.

What I have learned is that in order to find a better balance back in my life I need to make sure that I have good food with me at all times, but remember how I am tired all the time? That means I need easy and good food. Enter my latest food obsession – the easy hummus wrap.

Basically, you need some manner of flat bread. For this, I have used tortillas or some nice whole wheat flatbreads from Trader Joes which is what I am using for the wrap in this photo. After this, I need three essential components – tomatoes, cucumber and hummus. Why? Because I have been craving cucumbers and tomatoes. Did I mention how hot it’s been? The hummus gives me protein and a little fat (from the tahini) which I need right now. The wrap that is pictured also has green onions and lettuce because that is just good eating.

If you have a few veggies, some hummus, and some kind of bread around, why not make a sandwich or wrap? It comes together in no time, travels well, and makes a refreshing but filling meal. Enjoy this summer staple, and let me know what you combine! I would love to hear from you.

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