Cococcino – Product Review



Coconut Milk Iced Coffee
Mocha Flavor
So Delicious
Approx $2.49 retail

Chocolate, creamy perfection, Cococcino is the coconut coffee beverage that has changed how I feel about Starbucks. Let me explain. I used to be a Starbucks consumer. I wanted a sweet chocolate coffee drink? I would run in for a mocha. But then, I spotted these in the store. I thought, “That will be great for my new reviews!” I was not at all prepared for how much I loved it.
Imagine a cross between a melted chocolate milkshake and a traditional mocha. This drink is chocolate at its finest with a slight hint of coffee. It has a tinge of malt to give it a complexity and richness. The aftertaste is pleasant with a bit more of a coffee presence than the initial mouthful which is all chocolate. I love this effect.

I have had this blended with ice, served over rice, and strait but refrigerated. I love it best when it is strait but refrigerated. That is when it is the most intense. I like intense.

These are perfect to grab and go. I through them in my lunchbox, through them in the purse and it’s there for you when you want it. While $2.49 might seem a bit pricy, when you compare it to a Starbucks drink for about $4.50, it isn’t a bad value. Also, Starbucks only offers soy. This is coconut based so if soy is not an option for you.

I love these and cannot get enough. It’s a great treat, so needless to say, this product is highly recommended.

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