Choosing Raw Book Review

Gena Hamshawchoosing-raw
ISBN: 978-0-7382-1687-4
5 stars

This Book Makes Me Hungry!!

When I received Choosing Raw, I was excited. I have a pretty extensive raw foods library but I love new books. This one blew me away and immediately went to the part of my bookshelf that stands for ‘don’t ignore’. That’s because looking through this book, I got hungry! There are several recipes I looked at with a thought of ‘good idea’ or ‘novel twist’ or ‘I didn’t think of that’. That is very rare for cookbooks and I. VERY RARE. I’ll get back to the recipes in a moment, because there are several other great features of this book.

Think of this book as part cookbook, part ‘why to include more raw food’ primer. The recipes don’t start until page 98. Before that, those pages are jam packed with great information. Hamshaw’s background as a vegan, a raw food explorer, and nutritionist shows. She breaks down why the information on why it is great to include more raw foods in your diet, which is pretty standard for raw books. Then, she does something I love and respect – she states that 100% raw is not for everyone, including her. This has been my experience. My body loves a 50/50% blend of raw and cooked. She even tackles and breaks apart enzyme theory in a totally great, easy to understand way (p.43 if you want to skip right there). I learned a lot by reading this book. Considering how long I have been vegan and what I do for a living that is an accomplishment.

I will say I think this book is perfect for those curious about raw foods and want more information and basic recipes. There are great sections on stocking your pantry and what equipment you will need. Some of the recipes also offer both cooked and fresh options such as the Zucchini Ranch Chips (p.119). Many others are just cooked or just raw.

So if you are 100% raw, some of the recipes in the book will not suit you!

I felt the need to break that sentence out because while I bridge both worlds with my meals and so do many others, some people are 100% raw and see cooked vegan food the same way that vegans see animal products.

Overall, looking at the information, recipes, and format, I am very happy to have this in my library. I can also think of three people that would love to have this as a gift. So if you are vegan and curious about how to incorporate more raw food, this is a perfect book for you.

Highly recommended.

Review by Madelyn Pryor


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