Cococcino – Product Review

Cococcino Coconut Milk Iced Coffee Mocha Flavor So Delicious Approx $2.49 retail Chocolate, creamy perfection, Cococcino is the coconut coffee beverage that has changed how I feel about Starbucks. Let me explain. I used to be a Starbucks consumer. I wanted a sweet chocolate coffee drink? I would run in for a mocha. But then, […]

New Product Alert – TJ’s South African Spiced Chips

Trader Joes Potato Chips with South American Style Seasoning $2.29 Gluten Free Yesterday, while shopping at Trader Joes, Jason and I spotted a new product, Trader Joes potato chips with South American style seasoning.  I wanted nothing more than to keep you, our readership informed, so with an air of great sacrifice I grabbed a […]

The Spice Tower – New Product Alert!

This week there are three new Trader Joes products that rocked my socks! This is the first one – a stack of 4 exotic spices. The official name is The Spice Route and it retails at my Trader Joes for $6.99. You get 4 containers of spices in cute stacking jars, and you also get […]

New Product Alert! Trader Joe’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

I am so freaking excited about this! When Jason and I first started dating, he lived next to a Fresh and Easy. At night we would walk over to grab some snacks. One thing he always reached for was the Watermelon Juice. It was just juiced watermelon, but it was both refreshing and delicious. We […]