My Cheatin’ Mole

I am a huge fan of mole (and really, if you are reading this site, there’s a good chance you are, too.) I’m not always a fan, however, of spending hours making one, so I developed this 30 minute mole recipe so I could have something that was nearly as good as the traditional mole […]

Jackfruit & Nopales Sandwich

This is a variation on a sandwich a local restaurant serves here in Phoenix and one of my students asked me to do a version of it, so now I am sharing it with you. It’s an easy to make sandwich and if you’re worried about working with cactus paddles (aka nopales,) don’t worry. There’s […]

Breakfast Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles, a popular Mexican dish with a robust filling nestled between two crisp corn tortillas, all smothered in chile sauce, are Mexican soul food to me. Often eaten for breakfast, these are a spicy morning wake up that leaves a big smile on my face. This particular version is made with a tofu and pinto […]

Watermelon Jicama Salad

I love watermelon salads and I’ve posted one before on The Vegan Taste. This newest one is now my reigning favorite. I could eat this for lunch every day of the week. It’s refreshing, slightly sweet, has a little crunch, and a little pep from the fresh lime, and a complex, resonant heat from the […]

Tacos Vampiros, from Vegan Tacos

This taco is a specialty of Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. It’s actually a hybrid tostada taco, with a crisp tortilla that gently curls around crispy beans and vegan cheese. It’s absolutely delicious and it has one of the coolest names for a taco I’ve ever heard, because Tacos Vampiros translates to “Vampire Tacos.” Some say […]

Hoppin’ Juan

Hoppin’ John is a traditional New Year’s Southern recipe made with pigeon peas, greens. In the lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina, its place of origin, it’s made with pigeon peas. In the rest of the country, it’s made with black eyed peas. I decided to give mine a Mexican twist by cooking it with […]

Rough Corn Pancakes with Bourbon Agave Maple Syrup

I love these pancakes. I designed them so each pancake is a meal in itself, with texture not usually expected from a pancake and a big flavor profile with a minimal amount of work. They’re fun, delicious, filling, and perfect for a cold morning and a cup of hot tea. Ingredients The Pancakes ¾ cup […]

Spicy Coffee

I came up with this drink after rehydrating some chiles. I was wondering what to do with the water, and then I hit upon the idea of using it to brew coffee in my French press. It needed a touch more flavor to balance out the chiles, so I took the chile water and added […]

Gnocchi in Spicy Pumpkin Sage Sauce

This is one of my favorite holiday recipes and that goes for my family, too. This recipe is comprised of gnocchi (a cross between potato pasta and dumplings) bathed in a pumpkin puree flavored with roasted garlic, chile flakes, and topped with crispy sage. It’s satisfying, flavorful, and fairly easy to make. Ingredients 8-10 cloves […]

Sweet Potato & Chard Caldo

A caldo is, usually, a brothy soup and often features some sort of green. This particular caldo is made with white sweet potatoes and wilted Swiss chard nested in a spicy garlic chile broth. It’s easy to make and perfect for a cool afternoon on the patio. Ingredients 3 pasilla chile pods, rehydrated with stems and […]