Crispy Sage Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potatoes are a family favorite for Thanksgiving. Even one of my brothers, who is about as far from vegan as you can get, likes to take leftovers of these home with him. This is my kind of comfort food. A little upscale, but nothing fussy.  Ingredients 20 cloves of garlic 1 tablespoon of […]

Olive Potato Salad

There is so much about this salad that I love, a lot! The saltiness of the olives and capers is delicious, but best of all is the dressing. By using dark molasses as a touch of sweetener, you are adding a huge depth of unexpected flavor. The creaminess of the potatoes with the crunch of […]

Roasted Cyprus-style Potatoes

This is a simple roasted potato dish scented with cumin and given some depth from fresh oregano and brightened with fresh lemon. These make a perfect side dish and are sometimes mixed with tomatoes to make a tomato and potato salad, though I much prefer just the potato version. Ingredients 4 large waxy potatoes or […]