Olive Potato Salad

There is so much about this salad that I love, a lot! The saltiness of the olives and capers is delicious, but best of all is the dressing. By using dark molasses as a touch of sweetener, you are adding a huge depth of unexpected flavor. The creaminess of the potatoes with the crunch of […]

Watermelon Salad with Video

This salad just tastes of summer! I love it because it has so many complex flavors, but leaves you feeling ‘light’. You can eat and swim 30 minutes later, for example. Is there a better reason to whip up a big batch for a pool party? I love all the colors of this salad! 4 […]

Sicilian Winter Salad with Video

Whenever citrus season comes around, I start dreaming about this salad. Like a lot of Italian food, it only relies on a handful of ingredients and that means the salad shines when the ingredients are in season. When they are out of season, this salad tastes like a shadow of its true form. Traditionally, it’s […]

Hummus Tapenade Sandwich

This simple, filling sandwich is packed with color and flavor. It’s got a semi-toasted bread loaded with hummus, tapenade, spinach, tomatoes, and lots of herbs and garlic. Best of all, the recipe looks long, but it only takes a few minutes to put together. For me, that’s the perfect lunch. Ingredients 1 par baked baguette […]

Gnocchi Sempliche (with video)

Gnocchi (the plural of gnoccho) are tasty little potato dumplings made from potato, flour, and salt. I love them because they’re hearty, supple, and the starch makes for just a slight creaminess. This recipe takes ready-made gnocchi and combines them with fresh basil, peppery olive oil, olives, and fresh heirloom tomatoes for one of my […]

Ultimate Breakfast Tacos

Tacos are a favorite of mine, but breakfast is not, so I created these as a challenge to myself to one, find something for breakfast I was willing to eat, and two, find something for breakfast I was willing to actually make. And that’s how my breakfast tacos were created. I had roasted poblanos and black […]